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How To Keep Moisture In Natural Hair

Best Methods to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized

The Best Ways To Keep Natural Hair Hydrated & Moisturized
It could take some time to get used to this. Natural hair, on the other hand, is extremely dry. This implies that, unlike those with straight hair, our scalp produces natural oils that do not simply flow down our hair shafts. As a result, these natural oils tend to accumulate on the scalp, causing it to become flaky.

Another group of persons has dry scalp because their scalps do not produce as much natural oils/sebum as they should.

This is when a proper moisturizing regimen comes into play. Moisturizing your natural hair helps to seal moisture into the strands of your hair, keeping your kinky curls moisturized and flourishing. Here are the of the Best ways to maintain your natural hair moisturized to keep those curls popping.

  • Water is required for your hair.
  • Take your protective styles and wash them.
  • Massage your scalp with oil.
  • Take advantage of the hot oil therapy.
  • Use sealants to moisturize your natural hair.
  • Stay away from over-styling your hair.
  • The LOC method
  • Using the LCO technique
  • Satin pillows and bonnets are recommended.
  • Using only oil and water to moisturize.
  • Only use moisturizers that are water-based.
  • Using a prepoo on your natural hair
  • Figure out what your hair requires.
  • Use the hydration approach that provides the most hydration.
  • Remove the split ends.
  • Heat should not be used on your natural hair.
  • Natural hair that has been deep-conditioned
  • Do not wash your hair on a daily basis.
  • Use the wash-and-go technique.
  • Keep your natural curls safe.
  • The plastic shower cap method
  • Use hair steamer for maxium hydration

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